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Muti-function prestressed concrete elements slipformer

2015-03-16  [ Font Size: BIG MIDD  SNALL ]

produce the concrete elements by continuously travelling on the casting bed. The machine obtains the elements through the combination of concrete desage and the vibration/ compaction. This continuous vibrate ensures a high level of compaction at every point of the element.

Thanks for this technology , the protection of different types of concrete elements is simple and
cost effective. Investments for a production facility are reduced to the minimum and , at the same time, can great a versatility which can address most precast elements. In fact the same casting bed used for hollow core slabs for floor (floor elements) can be used to manufacture wall elements (incluing also the sandwich panels), solid slabs, ribbed slabs(i.e. double T-slab),etc.

Our Slipformer, thanks to its design and the possibility to accept moulds for different precast
element, offers the right solution to all those companies which need to manufacture both floor and wall elements with different depth. Standard slabs have a depth ranging between 150mm to 500mm and a standard width of 1200mm( special machines can be supplied as well, just as an example- width of 1500mm
for the Russian market).


Our demand our company is prepared to evaluate special elements which maybe produced with our
slipforming machine.


The plant layout of slipformer producing line:



Some section drawings of this slipformer: