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Precast Iintel Concrete Beam/Flyash Board Making Machine

Prestressed Concrete lintel Machine Is Our Special Developed Products As Results Of Our Engineers Research, With Which 60% Steel Material Will Be Saved Compared With Traditional Revolving Die Method .Efficiency Can Be Improved 3 To 5 Times Compared With Conical Die Method
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Product Description

Concrete lintel machine factory layout:


Description Of Concrete Lintel Machine:

Prestressed Concrete window and door lintel forming machine is aspecialized construction machine developed in our company according to the actual situation of the nation with characteristics of novelty design, reasonable structure, easy operation, high efficiency andendurance.Thelintelfor construction produced with this machine is characterized with high intensity and accurate size completely meeting the national standard.Equipped with this machine is a liftingand moving system which is flexible and easyfor
assembly and dismantle,and satisfying thecustomer. 


Chassis,driving system, feeding material system, vibrating system, press plate system,system,
risefall and travel system, electrical control system.




1、One machine can make one slab, low investment

2、Smooth surface, high-density structure

3、Simple structure, easy operate

4、Long working life with few wearing parts


Producing site of precast concrete lintel machine :




Product Range&Size

Parameter of concrete lintel machine:

production name type productivity
 concrete lintel machine  ZB120-230-2  1.3-1.5m/min
 concrete lintel machine  ZB120-230-2  1.3-1.5m/min
 concrete lintel machine  ZB200-200-2  1.3-1.5m/min
 concrete lintel machine  ZB120-370-2  1.3-1.5m/min

We can design different types of concrete lintel machine according to your requirements.  

Production process

1.   Precast concrete lintel producing bed prepare and tensioning.

1.1  Cleaning the producing bed:Clean the concrete residue on the producing bed with special tools and make the platform surface clean, smooth.

1.2  Painting parting agent:The adopted parting agent must be up to the required standard without harmful
chemical substance.

1.3  Distribute the steel wire.Steel wire of low relaxationand stress relieving is adopted .


2.  Prestressed concrete purlin materialcompositions and quality standard 

1.1 Cement:32.5R or 42.5R Portland cement and ordinary Portland cement

1.2  Sand:Medium sand

1.3 Stone:Rubble and broken pebble are optional

1.4  Water:Drinking water without harmful substance

1.5  Dry concrete is used for concrete lintel material with a strength grade of C30 or C40.

3. Precast concrete lintel technological flow

Cleaning the producing bed→ painting parting agent→ distribute steel wire and fix→tensioning the steel wire→ mix and transportation of concrete → slab molding →make testing block→ covering and curing →testing block intensity →relief the steel wire→ cutting slab→ storage

 We can design and manufacture all kinds of concrete forming equipment according to customer's demands. Meanwhile we also can provide our customers a complete set of technology and solution for all producing flow.


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