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lab Factory Lifting Tool

We can design and manufacture different type lifting quipment according to the costomer demands.
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Product Description

General use and characteristics of crane: 
  Electric hoist gantry crane:Box type and truss type are made according to the Ministry of machine building standard JB/T5663-2008.It is matching together with CD1 and MD1 type electric hoist, become a crane which moves on ground rail,have landing leg and cantilever.It is suitable for lifting capacity 1T-20T, the span is 7m-21m, working tempreture in the scope from -25~+40℃.
This machine used widely on industry and mining enterprises, station pier, construction site, outdoor goods. For the convenience of users, there are two operater type: ground control and control room. The control room also have two type : closed one and back open or side open one.


Usage of lifting tool:

This lifting tool adapts for lifting hollow core slab. This tool has become a necessary equipment for precast plant with the advantage of simple structure, high efficiency and easy operate.



Product Range&Size

parameter of crane:

 The crane size and lifting tools is decided by the slab you need.

You can give us the load capacity, lifting height, span, then we will give you suggestion.


Production process

some picture of using :


lifting beam:


Small crane


large crane:



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