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New Product Precast Concrete Elements Extrusion Machine

2017-06-07  [ Font Size: BIG MIDD  SNALL ]

New Product Precast Concrete Elements Extrusion Machine

    GLY Multi-function precast concrete elements extrusion machines adopts gravity extrusion method. It can produce hollow core slabs, columns, lintels, composite slabs, T-beams by changing mould. It only needs 10 minutes to change mould. The concrete elements have the advantage of smooth surface, precise size, high density structure. It is the preferred update products for concrete elements factory.


1、It adopts gravity extrusion method.

2、Only need 10 minutes to change mould.

3、Use same platform to produce different concrete elements, save area.

4、It can produce: hollow core slab、solid slab、wall panel、T beam、small double T beam、column,etc.

    Test precast concrete elements extrusion machine picture:



   At present, the machine will be shipping India in ten days later.