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Client to visit the factory this week

2017-03-14  [ Font Size: BIG MIDD  SNALL ]

     In this week ,Client from Lebanon、Vietnam and  come to visit our factory and production site

Client from Lebanon visit our GLY hollow core slab machine,This machine is automatic continuous production equipment, and it can produce by choosing different models equipments according to customers’ requirements on slab thickness、carrying capacity and structure requirement, it also being influenced by many factors like slab thickness or concrete circumstances, the production length is usually about 1.0m or 1.3m/min.
When producing, firstly place the steel wire on the producing bed and tensioning according to the tensioning value. Then adjust the slab machine, feed the necessary concrete into the hopper of the slab machine, after a processing of pushing and high frequency vibrate to form the slab. When it up to standard strength after curing, the slab can be cut into needed size and stored.

Client from Vietnam visit our concrete lightweight wall panel machiner production line .The machine have the following advantages: lightweight, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, damppoof, fireproof, smooth surface, easy to transport, easy to install, beautiful appearance, accurate size, stable quality, share the bearing load, reduce the idth of the foundation, increase utility area, shorten the construction period, improve the effiencey of construction. It is widely used as filled wall im frame structure, shear wall structure, steel structure and other forms.


Client from  visit our concrete cutting machine,wall panel machine,precast concrete hollow slab multi function trolley and so on