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We can provide engineer to install and debug machines for you. If you do not need this, we can also send detailed videos for your reference, also we can provide you detailed technical drawings and guidance for your production site planning and platform construction. Read More>>

Solutions For Precast

"XINGYU" Precast Plant & Machinery are Exported to Russia, UZ, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria, etc Read More>>

Specializing concrete extrusion machinery


Solutions For Precast

  • Full Automatic Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line

    Full Automatic Lightweight Wall Panel Production Line

    light weight, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, damppoof, fireproof, smooth surface, easy to transport, easy to install, bea...

  • Multi-function Precast Concrete Elements Extruder

    Multi-function Precast Concrete Elements Extruder

    Precast concrete elements extrusion machines adopts gravity extrusion method....

  • GLY Series Large span Prestressed Concrete Hollow Core Slab Machine

    Hollow Core Slab Machine

    Hollow core slab machine works on the long-line table, using the high-strength low-relaxation steel strand as the guide, using the pushing w...

  • HQJ Lightweight Wall Panel Making Machine

    Wall Panel Machine

    Machine body adopts anti-rust technology. Key parts, like hopper are welded by stainless steel. Wearing parts like reamers, side form, vibra...

  • Concrete Fence Wall & Post Machine

    Fence Wall&Post Machine

    concrete pole making/molding machine, concrete fence extruder,concrete boundary wall...

  • Advanced Precast Concrete Pillar Building Machine

    Concrete Pillar Machine

    Prestressed Concrete Purline Machine Is Our Special Developed Products As Results Of Our Engineers Research, With Which 60%Steel Material Wi...

  • Advanced Precast Concrete Purline Pillar Machinery

    Precast Purlin Machine

    Prestressed purlin forming machine is a specialized construction machine developed in our company according to the actual situation of the n...

  • Precast Iintel Concrete Beam/Flyash Board Making Machine

    Concrete Lintel Machine

    Prestressed Concrete lintel Machine Is Our Special Developed Products As Results Of Our Engineers Research, With Which 60% Steel Material Wi...

  • T-beam machine

    T-beam machine

    t beam for construction produced with this machine is characterized with high intensity and accurate size completely meeting the national st...


We only focus on the precast concrete industry Shandong Xingyu Mechanical Technology Co.,Ltd, located in Zibo City, specialized in concrete prefabrication machine manufacture with a name brand of 'Xingyu'.  We also founded "zibo Concrete Prefabrication Machine Reasearch Institute" with Shandong Science and Technology University in 2007, and have successfully developed the non-circular hole slab forming machine and the prestress... more>>

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