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Multi-function Prestressed Concrete Elements Slipformer

It can produce various concrete elements according to change the mould.Easy to operate and have high efficient. Make the cost to the least
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Product Description

Brief introduction:

Slipformer produce the concrete elements by continuously travelling on the casting bed. The
machine obtains the elements through the combination of concrete desage and the vibration/ compaction. This continuous vibrate ensures a high level of compaction at every point of the element.

Thanks for this technology , the protection of different types of concrete elements is simple and
cost effective. Investments for a production facility are reduced to the minimum and , at the same time, can great a versatility which can address most precast elements. In fact the same casting bed used for hollow core slabs for floor (floor elements) can be used to manufacture wall elements (incluing also the sandwich panels), solid slabs, ribbed slabs(i.e. double T-slab),etc.  

Our company is prepared to evaluate special elements which maybe produced with our slipforming machine.

Equipment Composition
Wheel drive system:The machine isequipped with 4-wheel drive, powered by two electric motors controlled by inverter. This configuration ensures good traction and speed control continuous and accurate.

Moulding system:The interchangeable mould allows the machine to produce a big variety of concrete elements, with different shapes and sizes.

Feeding System: A big capacity hopper ensures the continuous concrete feeding in all work conditions.


1.It can produce various concrete elements according to change the mould.

2. Easy to operate and have high efficient. Make the cost to the least.

3.Use same platform to produce different concrete elements, save area.

4.It can produce: hollow core slab, solid slab, wall panel, T-beam slab, small double T-beam slab, column and so on.

Product Range&Size

Soild Technical parameters:


Hollow core Technical parameters:

Hollow core

Wall panel  

It can be divided into partition wall and exterior wall which have good heat preservation and sound insulation.

For the T-beam, small double T-beam and column, we can design according to your requirements.

Production process

The plant layout of slipformer producing line:

Some section drawings of this slipformer:


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